1. What is a Personalized Song?
A Personalized Song is totally unique to the individual.  It is an all-original composition based solely on the unique experiences of the song's recipient.  Unlike the songs from many of the competitors, the intrumentation, the melody,
and the lyrics are all-original.
2. What is the cost for a Personalized Song?
The cost is $350.  This includes your all-original, Personalized Custom Song including a lyric sheet and your song in
mp3 format, or any other audio format you request.
Can a Personalized be written for more than one person?
Definitely!  We've created songs for companies, classes, couples, families - all types of groups, from
1-100 (or more if you'd like!)

4.  How long will it take to receive my song?
The turnaround time for most songs is two weeks.
5. Are all Personalized Songs funny?
Many, but not all.  While many customers want lots of humor in their songs, we frequently create songs for memorials and rememberances to be played at funerals and other solemn occasions.

6. What if I'm not satisfied with the song?
Before the final version is released, a draft version of the song will be sent to the customer for their approval, and to request any changes to be made to their song.  At Songs by Steve, we want to ensure that every customer loves their song!

7. Do you create the best Personalized Songs, anywhere?
Yes, we do!  Listen to a sample or two, and hear the difference!

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