A few testimonials from very happy customers.

*"...the song that has been created, "Amanda and Auntie Laura" is now a treasure and a keepsake that has touched my whole family... We have memorized the words, and the CD is played over and over in our home".   Marsha Marks, Calabasas, CA      

We presented the song for Alberto on his birthday and I wanted to let you know that "Alberto's Arrived" was a HUGE, HUGE hit!!!! He absolutely loved it! He played it over and over and over again and plans to make copies and send it to his family and friends both in the U.S. and El Salvador. He got a big kick out of the lyrics (and the introduction in particular!!) and was amazed that you captured his personality so well. His wife and kids loved it too and especially enjoyed hearing their names. "Alberto's Arrived" was truly the highlight of the birthday celebration and I thank you for contributing to its success by producing such a great song--thanks again for everything!!!    MP, Old Tappan, NJ

*"Oh my GOD! The lyrics are absolutely perfect! You did such a great job, thank you! You completely managed to capture so much in the song... It's perfect! He'll love it!"   Tanya Chaika, New Jersey

*"Hi Steve, just wanted to let you know how much my parents (and everyone else present) loved and enjoyed your song. They were so surprised about how personalized it was and alternated laughing and crying - very touched.  Thank you so much; you are so talented! I'll definitely be in touch for another! Take care!"   Melissa B. McDonald, Winter Springs, FL

*Steve - The song was a wonderful memory she will never forget as you can tell the photographer caught great pictures as they danced (You can see the tear in the corner of her eye).  I wish you the very best with your personal song's, I know it made our special day one in which we will never forget.  Thanks again for all your help.    Tamie Perez, Guyton, GA

*"Steve... This song is absolutely outstanding!  My wife loves it, so I'm already pleased!  Tomorrow we do the kid test. That?s the biggie, of course, but I?m sure she?ll absolutely love it as well.   Well done!"  Kenn Palm, Alameda, CA

*"Thank you very much.  The reggae song is amazing!!!!  I can?t stop singing along... it is so catchy by the way!   It's beautiful, and it is what I intended and... more than I expected.  You are gifted. Thank you very much... you?ll make her birthday nice, nice, really nice!" 
Ahmed Ben Karam Al Qubaisi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

*Steve...I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I enjoyed the song that you recorded for our anniversary. This is the second time that Linda has done this and as much as I loved the first song, "She Saved the Best for Last" (long story, just ask her sometime), I loved this one even more. The lyrics were wonderful and the Country/Jimmy Buffet genre was right on target.
Thanks again.   Randy Evans, Birmingham, Alabama

*Hi Steve...I don't know how to thank you.  I am eternally grateful.  The song is REALLY what I wanted and it will really make my mum extremely happy!  I don't know how to thank you again.
Many Thanks and God's Blessings.    Lebrecht Hesse, Singapore

*Well, I hope you're happy... you made me cry!  ...Of course, that poem (now the song) is very near and dear to my heart - hence !!!!!   I can't believe (yes, I can) how wonderful the song turned out. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" just adds to the whole idea - that's why you do what you do so well.  Cheers (sob)."    Susan Burk, Washington, DC

*"We received Paul's CD on Monday...it's doubly-great, just terrific!  Your song is sure to be a major event at the party, and a lasting memory for Paul"!        Irene and Merle Steiner, NY   

* "It was the most memorable, unique gift we've ever given"   Dick & Brenda Waller, Canyon Country, CA

* " Just a quick note to tell you the song was an amazing hit!!!! ... Absolutely lovely!  It was truly a wonderful and beautiful surprise so thank you for everything!!!!"   Tanya Hvilivitsky, Ontario, Canada

*"My Mom loved her song, and I wished you could have seen her face... Everyone was laughing.  Even the DJ wanted your number"!  
Brenda Waller, Canyon Country, CA

*Hi Steve... I got the song, and just had to give it to Brian early!!! It was so great, I can't thank you enough.  You did a wonderful job.  Thank you so so so much!!!!    Julianne Zaharis, Tampa, Florida

*"Hi Steve... I gave Greg the song early and he absolutely loved it. He said he never laughed so hard in his life. Thanks for your help. Good luck and take care! You are great at what you do"!     Krissy M., Scottsdale, AZ

*"Hey, Steve, the Song sounds GREAT, very nicely done. The music sounds so good and the words go great"!   Tanner Larsson, Reno, NV   

*"I couldn't get the song out of my head.  I am now a firm believer that everyone needs a song written about them... you are a miracle worker and definitely not a name to keep silent"!   Claudia Duryea, Glendale, CA

*"I laughed!  I cried!  Wow, You'll never know how much we appreciated the song!  It was a huge hit!  Everyone loved it!  Especially Joe!  It was great!  Thank You so much!  The party was terrific, and the song was the topic of everyone's discussions!  HAHAHAHA!  Thanks again........" 
Kathleen Kieras, Tampa, Florida   

 *"Hello, Steve... Well, the two songs were the hit of the party. We did not have a dry eye in the house by the end of My Little Princess.  Thanks for all you did and hope we get the chance to "work" together again soon, it was just Marvelous".     Ed Meehan, Mendecino, CA

*"Thank you SO much for Rachel's Bat Mitzvah Song; it was absolutely incredible!  Everybody howled"!     Lance & MJ Lubin, St. Petersburg, Florida

* "Your Ad and Jingle Song increased our business by 35%.  Thank You Steve".  St. Croix Custom Cruises, Madiera Beach & Maximo Moorings, Florida

* Ray's Song was the most awesome, unique gift I ever gave. It was the hit of the party!"     Leonor S. Duran, Tampa, FL

* " The CD was the best present anyone has ever given me, Thanks for doing such a great job"!     Elizabeth Andhor, Buffalo, NY

*"Steve, The song you did for my mother-law's 60th birthday was a success beyond all expectations!  Since we gave her the song It's been a gift that just keeps on giving. All her friends can't stop talking about it.  Thank you for your creativity and professionalism".     Dr. Jeffree Gars, Atlanta, Ga.

* "Ingenious! I listen to Steve's composition over and over again - worth every penny - actually it is priceless!! Highly recommended!"...    
Trish Cerone-Howe Rochester, NY

* "Steve.. Thank you so much for the "First Dance" song for Mom.  We laughed and cried!  It was perfect.".    Peter LeDuc, Massachusetts