We create songs and other audio projects in all musical styles and genres.  If you're not sure of the musical style you wish, let us help.  It's what we do.

-First Date - This song was played for a large wedding reception. But, for the young couple, their first date catastrophe was hilarious! Jazz/Crooner.
-Birthday - 13 yr. old Sadie w/ Character (Pop)
-Melyssa - Dad wanted to teach his daughter how to spell her name.  "Alphabet Man" and his buddy "Alphabet Boy" came through!  Children's Story / Song Style w/ 2 character voices.
-Nicole - Mother's Day.  This touching story was written posthumously for Dad; requested by his twin daughters for Mother's Day.  Lite Country.
Encouragement - Denielle
-The Edge of Love - A song about lost love and the necessity of moving forward.  Acoustic Rock.
-Birthday - 3 year-old Sonia (Children's song w/Characters)
-Bella - Birthday for a beautiful 10 yr. old (Rock).
-Amanda - A "six month birthday" song for Amanda, from her Awesome 'Auntie Laura'.  Reggae.
-Sierra Blanca Clinic Medical Clinic, On-Hold message.
-Wellmed - On-Hold Message
-August 23 - From the archives.   Another birthday - Princess Ella's 30th.  You'll likely be singing the date all day.   Latin/Salsa.
-Ross - A (grown up) kid brother's birthday roast.  Poor Ross.
Texas Blues Shuffle.
-Lynn - A (spoken) Memorial Tribute for an incredible woman - in character and normal voice with light humor.
-Faith - The family of 'Charity' (her real name) wanted a song to support their Mom as she faced life's difficult challenges.  Praise-Gospel (a capella).
-Andrea - A last-minute road trip gone way, way wrong.   Bluegrass.
-Power On - On-hold message for a large cycling parts distributor.

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