Your Song Has Begun.

The specifics... some tips:

  • What musical style do you prefer?  Example: Country, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Slow Waltz, Jazz, Big
    Band, Bluegrass (Yes, we do Bluegrass!), 50's, etc. You can also provide the name of a song you know to illustrate its style.  If you haven't decided, or need assistance in this area, we're delighted to help.  It's what we do.
  • Here you will provide us with the details - The names, the places, the stories.  Ahh, the stories... these are often the most-remembered parts of a song.  Whether humorous or solemn, somewhat risqué, we will transform these memories into lyrics that meaningfully convey your message and impact your audience.  And, if you desire - make them laugh!   The average song length is between three to four minutes.
  • No worries, no stress - this is a communication process between you and us.  We'll work together and fine-tune the details until we have a solid foundation for your song.